Unique Functionality


Microlearning is a unique functionality that assesses users topline knowledge while being minimally disruptive with a nominal administrative overhead. Specifically, daily automated questions are sent to the user’s inbox and are answered in-situ. Thereafter the correct answer together with an explanation is revealed.

Microlearning is ideal for: 

Unique Functionality: Microlearning
Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Providing self-serve information to users, Skypiom’s Knowledge Base reduces time and effort required to retrieve this information. Furthermore, the module enables a managed culture of learning.

The Knowledge Base is ideal for: 

Knowledge Base

Video Conferencing

Skypiom Compliance can comprise fully integrated and end-to-end encrypted Zoom video conferencing capability. 

While most organisation deploy a video conferencing tool already, having an integrated, non-disparate solution ensures that all records are adequately retained as required by legislation. 

Skypiom Compliance’s video conferencing is ideal for: 

Video Conferencing
Unique Functionality: Proctoring

AI Proctoring

Skypiom Compliance’s assessment suite includes an integrated, easy to use and reliable proctoring solution that optionally verifies real users prior to and during the assessment phase. Using AI face analysis, Skypiom Compliance can detect spoofs presented to the camera, such as printed or digital photos, digital videos, 3D masks, as well as spoofs that bypass the camera, such as pre-recorded or deepfake videos. 

In line with legislation, Skypiom Compliance safely retains all proctored assessments including face recognitions for each assessment for future validation purposes. 

Unique Functionality: Proctoring

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage, track and save information including interactions with existing as well as potential customers with this unique functionality. Skypiom Compliance’s CRM enhances visibility into all business development activities while remaining user friendly and undemanding at the same time. 

Unique Functionality: Customer Relationship Management

Personality Profiling: SOPCAPS

SOPCAPS (Skypiom Online Personality & Cognitive Ability Profiling Suite) is a self-administration approved personality profiling suite that allows organisations to ‘clone’ top performing employees.

Personalities are profiled by users completing the internationally accepted, award winning and scientifically based IPIP-NEO personality assessment as well as a timed Cognitive Abilities assessment. Subsequently, this unified set of measures allows for individual profiles to be compared against each other; for example against an existing top performer. 

HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) listed and EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations) ready, this unique functionality solves for the following:



The Infoboard module allows for TV screens to be managed and driven directly from Skypiom Compliance.

Content for the screens is provided via ‘Carousels’, using the analogy of the old slide projectors. Consequently, each carousel is configured with any number of ‘slides’ managed entirely by the company administrator.

Infoboards display three types of slide data:

Unique Functionality: Infoboard