Legislative Tracking

Incontrovertible Legislative Tracking

Skypiom Compliance disseminates, manages and tracks legislative and regulatory updates, based on various databases such as LexisNexis Assure. 

When a legislative and / or regulatory change takes place, a Notice is automatically sent to the user subsequently tracking whether they have read and acknowledged the Notice and its contents. 

Key Differentiating Factor

A common challenge with legislative and / or regulatory tracking is that notifications are sent to users via email, which are often overlooked or caught by a spam filter. Also, there is no proof that a user has actually read the notification. 

Skypiom Compliance remedies this by requiring users to digitally sign the Notice to confirm they have read it. In addition, unread Notices will prompt automatic reminders to be sent to the user. This workflow provides unequivocal evidence that a user has indeed acknowledged a legislative and / or regulatory change.

iPad with legislative update
iPad with legislative update

Select Acts

Track any number of the available Acts, specified for each user. Also optionally enforce historic Notices - up to 10 years - for new users.

Automatic Notifications

Automatically receive Notices when legislative and / or regulatory changes occur prompting the user to read and acknowledge the Notice.

Grace Period

Set how many days grace a user has to read a Notice before becoming non-compliant.