Continuous Professional Development

CPD Reliably Managed

Skypiom Compliance provides powerful capability allowing administrators to manage, track and report on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on an individual and company-wide basis. 

Consolidated Achievement Registry (CAR)

Skypiom Compliance’s Consolidated Achievement Registry (CAR) addresses the need for managing and reporting CPD status by centralising all compliance and CPD activities and interventions.

To illustrate, achievements automatically captured in CAR are by default all courses completed on Skypiom Compliance’s LMS, courses completed on an external LMS or learning platform such as Udemy or LinkedIn Learning as well as physical classroom-based interventions. In addition to recording the intervention, various additional parameters are recorded such as date of completion and cost of intervention as well as relevant certificates. 

Consolidated Achievements Registry: CAR

CPD points may be recorded via one of the following three methodologies:

Skypiom Compliance Activity

When a user passes a course on Skypiom Compliance the results are automatically recorded in their profile as well as CAR, including any CPD points.

Direct Entry into CAR

For external achievements, such as classroom-based interventions or seminars, a direct CAR entry can be made by the administrator or the user.


When integrated with other learning platforms, completed course information - as well as CPD points - are automatically captured in the user's CAR record.

Skypiom Compliance also makes provision for the following:

CPD Classes

Catering for multiple CPD types or topics, flexible 'class' configurations are supported.

Expiration Dates

Choose from specific expiry dates, calculated expiry dates, and calculated extended expiry dates.


Automated certificate generation, which include various display options such as CPD points and expiration dates.


CPD points can be reported on via a standard CPD reports. Alternatively, custom reports may be created.

CPD Within Compliance Roles

At the centre of Skypiom Compliance are ‘Compliance Roles’, which govern all compliance requirements for employees and external stakeholders.

Compliance Roles can track a single ‘Compliance Item’ or multiple Compliance Items. Compliance Items can be a CAR record containing CPD points, a course on Skypiom’s LMS, a performance review, an audit etc.

Taking this 6 CPD point example from above, the eLearning course, article and seminar would typically each be a defined Compliance Item within a Compliance Role, which Skypiom Compliance in turn tracks and manages automatically. Together with customisable reminders this prompts the user of a Compliance Item, such as the eLearning course, that is set to expire.