Skypiom’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) is a next-generation, powerful, intuitive and easy to use “Sustainable Upskilling Solution”. A Sustainable Upskilling Solution is similar to a Learning Management System, however provides more functionality and significantly more value.

Skypiom’s KMS is the world’s first native SCORM & common content standard compatible SUS that is built on Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Training Evaluation. The primary unique differentiating factor, compared to a traditional Learning Management System, is granular measurability surrounding the entire training environment, which is underpinned by the platform’s purpose built and robust system architecture.

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Why focus only on content delivery, the quintessence of traditional Learning Management Systems, when you can deploy a system that has all the functionality of a LMS including never seen before granular measurability and reporting capabilities surrounding the entire training environment?

The KMS is an easy to use solution covering all training requirements of your organisation. The platform engages your diversified workforce in relevant activities and validates the effectiveness of your training efforts.

KMS on laptop

INTEGRATED KIRKPATRICK EVALUATION MODELFor a training program to truly deliver benefits to the organisation, the evaluation process must be part of the overall design from the early planning stages to post training procedures and monitoring. Failing to evaluate may easily result in a training department being unable to demonstrate value and experience diminished funding as a consequence.


Access the KMS from all electronic platforms including tablets and smart phones, irrespective of operating system. The KMS is centralised around low bandwidth, functionality and portability meaning that learners can consume content anywhere, anytime as long as an Internet connection can be established.

Should content be earmarked for offline consumption, the course author can provision content that the learner can download and consume offline. Sheer flexibility.

KMS on tablet and smartphone


Skypiom's in-house content development capabilities, including those partnerships with content consulting and advisory professionals, ensure that all of your content and training needs can be adequately met.

If required, you may further reduce time-to-value by deploying Skypiom's ±140 soft skills courses comprising administrative skills, human resources, sales & marketing, career development, personal development as well as workplace essentials.


Directly integrated into the Knowledge Management System is an easy to use, comprehensive and granular Knowledge Base. Rather than having to deploy a secondary system to solve for a Knowledge Base, all users may have access to the module in order to search Markdown documents, PDF and video files.

Unique to the Knowledge Management System is the Google-like search functionality that allows users to search not only keywords contained in documents but also keywords comprised in videos – real next-gen! Auto video formatting and transcription ensures that all videos are indexed and in turn searchable.

Knowledge base on smartphone



“It is an effective, end-to-end solution, able to cater for the entire spectrum of delivery methods.”

This is a ‘bang-for-buck’ product, capable of infinite scalability, regardless of the size and complexity of the organisation. It integrates well with large enterprises and is therefor capable of servicing companies with a staff complement of any shape or size, providing everything needed to manager the entire training component of the business/client, with excellent support.

Louis Eloff

Knowledge Manager

“It is a great system”

A system will seem overwhelming at 1st once you get it – the rest is history. Great support from the Skypiom team. Quick response to inquiries and continuous feedback.

Janice Thyssen

Technical Trainer

“Easy to use, no need for expensive SCORM software, 100% cloud-based and support is phenomenal.”

As a South African Qualification Authority (SAQA)-accredited private college, our Accreditation Bodies as well as Instructional Team value the ease of hosting various types of material (PDF, Power Point etc) on the platform. What impressed us most is the clarity and thoroughness of the reporting module as well as the ability to run internal moderation – a big advantage over similar products we have tried in the past.

Timm Irvine-Smith


The Knowledge Management System is the best Learning Management System (LMS) South Africa has to offer, since it is built in South Africa for South Africa.