Mandatory Notices

Manage & Track Mandatory Notices with Confidence

Every organisations requires information to be communicated: changes to standard operating- or onboarding procedures, for example. In compliance terms, evidence is then required to show that a user has read the communication. Skypiom Compliance solves this by automating the distribution of Mandatory Notices, which a user must digitally sign after consuming.

Legislative Tracking

The module can also manage and track legislative and regulatory updates that originate from outside the company, for example LexisNexis Assure. 

What differentiates Skypiom Compliance’s legislative tracking functionality from traditional tracking tools is that Skypiom Compliance requires users to digitally sign the Notice thereby indisputably confirming read receipt.

Mandatory notice


Link Mandatory Notices to Compliance Roles for automatic distribution to relevant audiences

Read / Unread Register

Detailed, on-demand register delineating who has and who has not yet read the Notice


Set expiration dates for Mandatory Notices with a limited serviceable life

Zero Delays

Issue Notices with an immediate read requirement or with a grace period