Unrivalled Detail & Granularity

Skypiom Compliance’s impressive basket of standard reports, coupled with the system’s custom reporting capability, positively outshines most compliance management systems.  In turn, make critical decisions and gain relevant insights with confidence. 

Powerful Data Processing

A common reporting shortcoming is the ability to process large volumes of data. While small requests are straightforward to handle, processing vast amounts of data requires substantially more computing power.

Skypiom Compliance is capable of processing vast amounts of data – even from varying sources from outside the system – via its truly powerful cloud infrastructure that is built for scale. This power is essential when handling a significant volume of data points reliably and quickly; for example, reports generated for compliance management, sanction scanning as well as legislative tracking.

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Best in Class: Standard & Custom Reporting

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Standard Reporting

Skypiom Compliance contains approximately 26 standard reports, each with customisable parameters. New reports are added on a continuous basis and made available to all subscribed instances at no additional cost. A few examples of standard reports are: 

Custom Reporting

Custom reports can fill any possible reporting void. For this reason Skypiom Compliance allows for genuine custom reporting that extends well beyond the capabilities of a standard report generator. 

Better yet, a customer may take full control of their custom reporting requirements by creating custom reports as required directly via Skypiom Compliance’s “Report Development Kit”. 

There is no limit to custom reporting; in addition to a custom look and feel; data for reports may originate from various sources, including external systems.

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