Granular & insightful


What makes the KMS’s reporting capabilities different compared to those of a traditional LMS is in the way that data is handled and managed.

Traditional SCORM-only systems inherently do not comprise data structures that in turn severely hamstring reporting capabilities. The KMS is different: Skypiom makes use of different data storage classes and techniques, including a high performance SQL database as well as Amazon’s award winning S3 storage. The detailed and granular recording and access to data allows for a truly unrivalled reporting environment.

Since the KMS integrates into any Human Capital Management System that has an API, any and all training data can be pushed or pulled either to or from the Human Capital Management System from the KMS.


Specific reports can be created through the API based “Report Development Kit”, meaning that you can access, download and distribute custom reports as and when required.

Better and more comprehensive than any report generator, the Report Development Kit allows you or your development team to create custom reports that can even include data not contained within the KMS. Custom report items are automatically listed amongst standard report items for an aligned user experience.

Custom reports can include, as an example, legislative reports such as:

  • Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)
  • Annual Training Report (ATR)
  • Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE)



Assessment Reports

Including microlearning reports, improvements, question bank analysis’ as well as assessment reports.


Enrolment Reports

Specifics surrounding all enrolments, showcasing details on learners and courses. This even extends to company-wide enrolments.


Course Reports

Granular insights into course enrolments as well as external courses consumed, including those from the KMS store.


User Reports

Highlighting user activity as well as session particulars that can be used for forensic analysis.


Consumption Reports

Comprehensive configuration details as well as trends are covered, including course consumption details and graphs.


Classroom Reports

Reports include classroom attendance per session as well as on a per learner basis.


Survey Reports

Comprising survey analysis and detail, these reports cover individual questions as well as full survey particulars.


Compliance Reports

Comprising Compliance Role and Item particulars or for single user or a group of users, including compliance status and expiration parameters.


Other Reports

CSV, SOPCAPS, support queries, voucher reports et al all fall under this vast and ever expanding category.

CSV reports include the following: Active Users, Assessment Report, Course Catalogue, Courses Summary, CPD Report, Enrolments Report, Enrolments Summary, Question Bank Analysis, Survey Analysis, Survey Response, User List and User Session List.