Zoom Integration for Video Lessons

Skypiom’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) allows for video lessons to managed directly from the system. As with all modules on the KMS the video lesson capability extends significantly beyond “basic” video conferencing.

Rather than having only a few hosts within an organisation that are permitted to schedule Zoom meetings that extend beyond the 40 free minutes, the KMS allows each and every user (providing that the company admin has permitted this) to schedule and host meetings. Meetings, which are schedule directly from the KMS, do not have time limits imposed and may comprise up to 300 participants.

There are a number of benefits of using Skypiom’s video lesson module:

  • Video recording and retention of video lessons, if enabled. Note that the host decides who has access to the recorded videos: either all participants or only the host.
  • Transcription of the meetings into text, provided that recording has been enabled. Again, the host decides who has access to the transcriptions. Public chats (not private chats!) are also transcribed and recorded.
  • Recording of individual learner presence, including duration of presence within a meeting. This is a great feature for recording time and attendance!
  • Recording of participation of individual learner within a meeting.
  • The recorded sessions may be transposed to the “Doctrina” Knowledge Base for future searching by users (this is currently under development). For example, a sales meeting can be made searchable for learners who did not partake in the session.