ThingLink Functionality Added

ThingLink: a UNESCO ICT in Education prize winner

Skypiom has added ThingLink as an additional media asset option, which now forms part of the Common File Format toolset.

ThingLink is an eLearning content solution that allows course authors to create unique learner experiences that encompass interactive videos and 360º / VR media. The realism means that you can train employees in real environments and situations where the work happens, while achieving significant savings in logistical costs.

ThingLink comprises editor, which is truly easy to learn. All learning materials that contain text descriptions are instantly accessible in an integrated reading tool that contains automatic translation to over 60 languages. This helps overcome language barriers at workplaces with people from multiple language backgrounds and reading skills.

ThingLink can now be added as a single course item on the KMS or alternatively form part of a publication or career path.