Video Lessons

Integrated & measurable


The KMS includes secure, flexible and end-to-end encrypted Zoom video lessons that are easy to manage and deploy. Scheduling is administered directly from the KMS for both internal as well as external participants, whereafter the KMS issues calendar integratable invites.

The system allows for easy conversion of recorded webinars or video lessons into courses and also measures learner presence and active participation (dominance) within the webinar or video lesson. This in turn is used for reporting as well as Infoboard / Leaderboard integration. The KMS furthermore caters for transcription of the recorded webinar or video lesson, however it has to be noted that the accuracy of the transcription is directly proportionate to the audio quality of the recording.

You may provide any number of learners with scheduling permissions and each participant may view the meeting particulars, including participants, recordings, transcriptions and participation (dominance).

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