Reliably clone top performing employees


The Skypiom Online Personality & Cognitive Ability Profiling Suite (SOPCAPS) allows you to quickly identify the perfect employee based on their ingrained attitude, personality traits as well as cognitive abilities via an integrated, simple and effective personality profiling tool. 

Too often employees are onboarded based on only the skill set that they possess, instead of coupling this to the attitude of the individual. Skills can always be taught, but an ingrained attitude is unique to each character and this is what sets suitable staff apart from the unsuitable.

Personalities are profiled by completing the scientifically based IPIP-NEO personality assessment. The IPIP-NEO focusses on “The Big Five”, namely Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness to Experience. The assessment also comprises a Cognitive Abilities section.


In order to gain meaningful insights the entire organisation should complete the SOPCAPS assessment. Top performing employees can be used as a benchmark whereby their profile can be set as a master search profile for other profiles to be compared against. Alternatively, a unique master search profile can be generated based on desired attributes.


Assessment Times

The personality assessment is not timed whereby the Cognitive Abilities section is restricted to 90 minutes. Since the SOPCAPS is a cloud based application, any operating system can be utilised to complete the profiling assessment.


Master Search Profile

Once the profiles of the top, average and low performing employees have been captured, you can create master search profiles against which applicants or other employees can be compared to, thus forming a comparable point of reference i.e. a norm based on existing company culture.


Custom Search Profile

Alternative to creating master search profiles based on existing employees, a uniquely created master search profile can be generated based on desired personality attributes and cognitive abilities as per the company administrator’s (or other person with adequate permissions) requirements. The desired range of each facet may be adjusted, as may be the weighting.


Matching & Cloning

With one click potential or existing employees can be compared to a master search profile. The search result will, in descending order, list the closest matches together with their variance number. The larger this number the further outside the overall desired facet range the employee scored.


Compare Results

The variance report highlights not only the variance score and time taken for the personality and cognitive assessment, but also where the potential or existing employee scored in comparison to the desired facet range. The desired facet range is the colourised horizontal bar, whereby the vertical bar within each facet denotes the potential or existing employee’s score within each facet.