Knowledge Base

Directly integrated into the KMS.


Skypiom’s Knowledge Base, “Doctrina”, Latin for “Knowledge”, is a centralised library or repository where information is stored, organised and shared in one place.

Directly integrated into the Knowledge Management System, Doctrina allows for undemanding creating, curating and searching of documentation by all users.

Within growing and medium to large size organisations, knowledge typically exists in disparate places, making information difficult to find. A Knowledge Base is a self-serve online library of information that remedies this problem by centralising and structuring information in a coherent, uniformly formatted and searchable repository. A Knowledge Base may include FAQ’s, employee handbooks, office policies, contact details, manuals, standard operating procedures as well as product information / specifications and corporate procedures – the purpose of a Knowledge Base is in fact limitless.

Skypiom’s Knowledge Base, which is immediately deployable, is integrated directly into the Knowledge Management System thereby leveraging the platform even further.



All-in-one solution

Rather than having to deploy a further system within an organisation, administrators (and users alike) can benefit from having a Sustainable Upskilling Solution (the Knowledge Management System) that is coupled with a capable Knowledge Base within a singular system.


Immediately available

The Knowledge Base is made available to all users from the onset. Administrator functionality – referring to the uploading and managing of content – is undemanding and straightforward, meaning that content can be uploaded and made available to learners immediately.


Cost effective

Skypiom’s Knowledge Base is a cost effective solution compared to a freestanding Wiki or Knowledge Base. The module requires no integration and is directly accessible form the Knowledge Management System.


Unlimited Knowledge Base content

There is no limit on the amount of content, including Markdown and PDF documents as well as videos, that can be uploaded onto Skypiom’s Knowledge Base.


PDF documents and videos can be uploaded to the Knowledge Base either directly from a local drive or alternatively via Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox. Video transcription takes place automatically, which is a requirement to making the video searchable.

Alternatively, Knowledge Base authors may use the built-in Markdown editor to create documents in an easy to read and write, text format. Markdown text is a bullet-proof but lightweight “markup language” that can be opened, read and edited in the future.

Knowledge base on smartphone


Just like Google.

The Knowledge Base allows users to search Markdown and PDF documents. Taking searchability a step further, the Knowledge Base even allows the searching of keywords within videos!

After keywords have been found within Markdown and PDF documents they are highlighted for easy toggling. For videos, the Knowledge Base simply positions the video feed 5 seconds before the keyword appears in the video.