Instructor Led Training

Blended learning & classroom support


The KMS can be deployed as a pure eLearning platform only or alternatively together with a blended approach.

Even if no eLearning is desired, the KMS will provide a granular oversight of the entire instructor led training environment. This again is accentuated by the COMPETE group assessing / quizzing module. Read more about COMPETE here.

Learners have the flexibility to schedule their own Instructor Led Training (ILT) sessions, or alternatively be enrolled into an Instructor Led Training (ILT) session, which may include enrolments on a future date. Included in the classroom session are starting time, duration, venue and facilitator, whereby the facilitator has control over roll call.

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Using the KMS for my classroom training has made my reporting a lot quicker and easier.



Attendance report
Learner attendance report