The KMS Store

Simple & effective eCommerce


The KMS incorporates an eCommerce content vending module, via which select content can be made available to your team or alternatively to members of the public.

The option for learners to procure content is standard on the KMS, whereby the option to sell content via the eCommerce module is made available as a value added service. Content can even be made available to members of the public thereby affording you the option of commercialising your KMS investment.

Payments are managed via the secure Payfast payment gateway, whereby content can be sold either on a singular course basis or alternatively in complete course libraries.

For Learners

Learners have the option (providing this has been set by your company administrator) to browse public content. Learners can read up about the course on offer, the terms and condition, download a preview or brochure and be informed about the associate costs.

For Merchant Customers

You now have the option of commercialising your KMS investment by making (select) courses available for the public to procure and consume. The KMS Store is easy to navigate and managing content is a breeze.

Should your audience not have a KMS account they can easily create one for free and subsequently browse / procure content.

KMS store layout