Never seen before flexibility

SCORM & COMMON FILE FORMATSNatively on one system.

The KMS was created as a next-generation and futureproof Sustainable Upskilling Solution, allowing you to benefit from a data centric architecture delivering a level of measurability not seen before with traditional LMSs.

Many LMS users wish for richer training data, coupled with easy-to-use course authoring facilities and a more modern and flexible user experience, however this is often hamstrung by legacy SCORM course materials already in the customers’ possession, whereby the SCORM environment does not cater for rich data collection.

The KMS has resolved the problem by provisioning common file formats together with SCORM packages within the KMS architecture. In other words: SCORM and common file formats can be contained on the KMS – even within a single course!

This unique architecture makes it possible to extend legacy SCORM courses by adding KMS native elements, thus enabling extended measurability for legacy course material.


Natively supported are all common file formats. Why? Flexibility and measurability.

If common file formats are not enough or your training catalogue comprises legacy SCORM files, rest assured, the KMS supports both standards.


Underpinned by the KMS is SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, Tin Can API (xAPI) and cmi5. Also, you can easily and reliably import content into the KMS.

The SCORM standard also ensures interoperability between content providers as well as exciting multimedia elements.

Skypiom content types

Note that Microsoft Office content should be converted to PDF for reliable deployment.


What furthermore sets the KMS apart is the fact that courses can easily be created on the system directly. It has been said that the KMS is the easiest Sustainable Upskilling Solution to use, given the vast functionality.