The ultimate in gamification


The COMPETE module, and interactive group quizzing tool, covers the needs for unrivalled gamification. Ease of use, fast deployment and excellent resonance with all levels of employees, including unskilled workers, make the COMPETE environment a fun yet measurable learning experience.

The COMPETE (Community Participation through Education, Technology and Entertainment) environment is integrated into the Infoboard module. Infoboards take the form of large TV screens, which are directly integrated into the KMS that display either KMS data, public interest pages or custom pages (such as personalised messages or images). Read more about Infoboards here.


Interactive group quizzing sessions (COMPETE event) can be activated and displayed on the Infoboard on either scheduled or on-demand basis.

Learners, as well as public users who do not require a KMS account, can register themselves with their smartphone for a COMPETE event by simply scanning the displayed QR code with their mobile device – no apps or other downloads are required!

Once the COMPETE event commences, learners (as well as public users) answer questions that are displayed on the Infoboard by utilising their smartphone.

Points are awarded for the correct answer as well as the quickest (correct) answer, which contribute to the position of the learner on the leaderboard. 

Learners using smartphone