Accredited Training

A LMS First. Only from Skypiom.


The KMS has been endorsed, continuously since 2018, by the SA Board of People Practices (SABPP) as a “Technology of the Future”, meaning that you can now easily conduct accredited training on the KMS as a result of the avant-garde modules that support practical as well as formative assessing and moderation, to name a few.

The KMS is able to meet the requirements pertaining to the mode of delivery described in the “Open Learning Policy Framework for Post-School Education and Training” that was gazetted by the Department of Higher Education and Training early in 2017. Meeting these requirements and standards aligns the KMS with the requirements set out by the QCTO (Quality Council For Trades & Occupations) and SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). This alignment will enable the KMS to host accredited training that can be facilitated and delivered in the workplace or in an educational institution. Read more on the SABPP here.



Various Programs Supported

Continuous Professional Development (CPD), learnerships, compliance and legislative training material can be disseminated from the KMS.



You may permit moderation for an assessment, whereby a (remotely based) moderator will be promoted to review a moderation request. The moderator can, inter alia, uphold or strike the question or award the learner the attainable points.


Assessing & Documentation Control

Practical recording & assessing, observational, formative & summative assessing is supported as is the uploading of documentation such as assessment answers or a Portfolio of Evidence. The KMS also supports the capturing of a Recognition of Prior Learning.


Reporting & Record Keeping

Given the KMSs granular reporting capabilities, you can request reports in any required format. Also, learners’ training records are retained indefinitely in line with legislative requirements. Read more about reporting

Assessment with moderation request