NextGen LMS

The Knowledge Management System

EASY TO USE, ROBUST & SCALABLESkypiom’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) is a NextGen SA Board of People Practices (SABPP) endorsed, cloud-based learning platform that can be implemented with an eLearning, instructor-led and / or blended learning approach.

KMS on various devices

Skypiom’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) is a modern, cloud-based system that was purposefully designed from the ground up without typical legacy restrictions that make systems inflexible and hard to use. Skypiom has developed and owns the intellectual property, meaning that the KMS is not a white label system. In turn, this means that changes and fluctuations can be addressed swiftly and without protracted involvement of external vendors.

The KMS is deployment ready, easy to integrate and roll out.

While most LMSs merely focus on taking content to the learner, the KMS is poised to support and measure the entire training environment. The KMS packs a myriad of standard and value added functionality that is not commonly found on standard LMSs thus delivering value to the learner and organisation alike.

SYSTEMPurpose built and robust, the Knowledge Management System is underpinned by one of the most powerful and safe server environment in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS), thereby ensuring consistency and a smooth and superlative user experience.

ENTERPRISE READYEasy to implement, manage & integrate.

EASY TO MIGRATE TOImport learner data from anywhere, even from existing LMSs.

A learner’s past achievements can originate from any source, meaning that maintaining one version of the truth is near impossible – until now. Skypiom’s “Consolidated Achievement Registry” captures and records a learner’s achievements from just about anywhere.

This functionality even extends to the migration of learner data from an existing LMS, meaning that all previous learner records are maintained, irrespective of the LMS that you are stepping up from.

Migration of learner data can be automated, via Skypiom’s comprehensive API, or alternatively captured manually via the KMS’s front end. Sheer flexibility!

Consolidated Achievements Record


The KMS natively and reliably supports both SCORM as well as common file formats for extended flexibility. There truly is no easier LMS to manage content on - guaranteed!

Laptop with course creation example
  • Structure course content and outcomes directly on the KMS
  • Upload content directly from desktop, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox
  • Host unlimited content
  • Version control
  • View content online or download content for offline viewing
  • Communicate course feedback to course authors
  • Kirkpatrick Level 1: course affinity & post course survey

The below are just some of the options for course authors to consider:

  • Minimum time on media asset or module
  • Restricted progression (pass module 1 before progressing to module 2)
  • Automatic re-enrolment
  • Post completion access
  • Expiration dates
  • Enrol learners based on tags, future enrolments or automatically based on job title

Import SCORM courses with a single click! The following formats are reliably supported:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004
  • AICC
  • xAPI (Tin Can API)
  • cmi5

If you prefer not to work with SCORM authoring tools, the below are just some of the supported standards:

  • Microsoft Word & PowerPoint (should be converted to PDF for reliable deployment)
  • PDF (Static & interactive)
  • Indesign (INDD)
  • MP4
  • MP3
  • YouTube & Vimeo
  • ThingLink
  • External links


Skypiom’s assessment environment is one of the most powerful assessing areas that can be found on a LMS and far surpasses commonplace eLearning assessing capabilities - even with SCORM!

Tablet and smartphone with assessment example
  • Create assessments directly on the KMS
  • Moderation
  • Multiple assessment attempts
  • Set due dates, which include alerts
  • Automatic notifications
  • Surveys (multiple choice & free text)
  • File submission
  • Micro learning compatible
  • Communicate assessment feedback to assessment authors
  • Multiple choice (one / multiple answers correct)
  • Free text
  • Drag & drop
  • Weighting of answers
  • Include images, audio & videos
  • Timed & untimed
  • Observational & practical assessing
  • Assessor led and assessor scored options

Facial Recognition / Proctoring Required?

Specifically for the likes of compliance and mandatory training, the KMS can reliably (and ethically) confirm the identity of the assessed learner – without an independent third party verifier or plugin!

procroting example


Reporting forms the backbone of the KMS. The KMS can deliver truly granular, insightful and powerful reports on a scheduled or on-demand basis with various reporting options.

Skypiom’s “Report Development Kit” allows for genuine custom reporting that extends well beyond the capabilities of a standard report generator. You IT team (or ours, if required) can develop custom reports on the KMS directly via the reporting ecosystem API. 

  • Rich data reports, even for SCORM
  • Compliance & legislative reporting
  • Genuine custom reporting options via “Report Development Kit”, whereby you can create custom reports specific to your requirements
  • PDF / CSV reports, or extrapolate data via integrated solution
  • Various standard reporting options
  • On demand or scheduled delivery


The KMS does not just make training easier. It completely changes the game.


You can upload unlimited certificate templates onto the KMS and allow for automatic imprinting of information, including pass criteria, expiration date, serial numbers etc.

Open Badges, visual and verifiable tokens of achievement, can be linked to successfully completed courses and assessments for learners to download and retain upon earning. Learn more about Open Badges.

Open badge and certificate


The Infoboard creates a full circle learning experience that allows you to communicate and engage with your audience.

Flexible, intuitive and motivating, Infoboards and Leaderboards should be considered a mainstay when driving gamification.


The COMPETE (Community Participation through Education, Technology and Entertainment) module covers the needs for unrivalled gamification, which includes fast deployment and excellent resonance with all levels of employees, including unskilled workers.

Any smartphone acts as the controller on which answers are selected.


The KMS can be deployed as a pure eLearning platform only or alternatively together with a blended approach.

Attendance report

Learners have the flexibility to schedule their own classroom sessions, or alternatively be enrolled into a classroom session, including future dated enrolments. Information captured with classroom sessions includes:

  • Venue
  • Facilitator
  • Date
  • Start time
  • Duration
  • Available seats
  • Cost of intervention, including learner specific costs such as S&T, data etc.

Effectively compare eLearning to ILT / classroom training interventions through detailed insights. Standard reporting includes:

  • Time & attendance per learner
  • Time & attendance per classroom session
  • Intervention cost
  • Learner assessments, including practical & observational assessments

Note: Note that “classroom sessions” can be used to schedule any external training intervention.


Video conference on smartphone


The Skypiom Online Personality & Cognitive Ability Profiling Suite (SOPCAPS) allows customers to quickly identify the perfect employee based on their ingrained attitude, personality traits as well as cognitive abilities.

You can now “clone” top performing employees and understand the personality and cognitive ability of the potential employee before ever meeting them, as well as search for ideal candidates already within your organisation’s employ.

Laptop and tablet with personality profiling report
  • Used for career pathing, recruitment and promotion purposes
  • Unlimited profile retention
  • Registered with the HPCSA
  • Approved for self assessment
  • Easily compare two or more employees
  • Scalable and priced for large volume deployment