EU Channel Partner: Nexxlon GmbH

21.07.2020 skypiomadmin Customers

EU Channel Partner: Nexxlon GmbH

Skypiom and Nexxlon GmbH have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding that will see Nexxlon take the lead as channel partner for the German speaking countries in Europe, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With the KMS German translation completed in early July 2020, Nexxlon, a business development advisory firm with liaison offices in Turkey, Czech Republic as well as in the Republic of China, was chosen as the ideal partner to secure lighthouse customers in the DACH (Deutschland, Austria and Suisse) region.

Having successfully collaborated with various established organisations within the region, including the likes of E.ON Energy, Wirtschafts Raum Augsburg and Airbus, Nexxlon – under the leadership of Dr. Ralf Held together with partner Frank Biburger – is committed to introducing the next generation of Sustainable Upskilling Solutions into the area.

Skypiom is excited at the collaboration and at being able to launch the platform into this strategically important area.