Feature Release

Zoom Integration for Video Lessons

Skypiom’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) allows for video lessons to managed directly from the system. As with all modules on the KMS the video lesson capability extends significantly beyond “basic” video conferencing. Rather than having only a few hosts within an organisation that are permitted to schedule Zoom meetings that extend beyond the 40 free

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Knowledge Base “Doctrina” Added to KMS

Skypiom’s Knowledge Management System now includes a robust and granular Knowledge Base, which is directly integrated into the platform. The Knowledge Base module “Doctrina”, latin for “Knowledge”, allows authors to upload PDF documents as well as videos into the knowledge repository either directly from a local drive or alternatively via Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox. In

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ThingLink Functionality Added

ThingLink: a UNESCO ICT in Education prize winner Skypiom has added ThingLink as an additional media asset option, which now forms part of the Common File Format toolset. ThingLink is an eLearning content solution that allows course authors to create unique learner experiences that encompass interactive videos and 360º / VR media. The realism means

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