Momentum Metropolitan Chooses Skypiom

Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited Choses Skypiom Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited, comprising of Momentum, Metropolitan, Momentum Multiply and Guardrisk, has entered into a service level agreement that sees the KMS as the preferred LMS of the group. Skypiom has been providing Metropolitan Health Corporate as well as Momentum Health Solutions with a Sustainable Upskilling Solutions since

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EU Channel Partner: Nexxlon GmbH

21.07.2020 skypiomadmin Customers

EU Channel Partner: Nexxlon GmbH Skypiom and Nexxlon GmbH have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding that will see Nexxlon take the lead as channel partner for the German speaking countries in Europe, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With the KMS German translation completed in early July 2020, Nexxlon, a business development advisory firm with liaison

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